Pastor Anthony Hipps

pastor hipps-2016

We are an old-fashion Independent Baptist Church. We make no apologies for staying with the old-paths and uplifting the old-time-religion. We do not adhere to a contemporary or modern forms of worship. We strive to be a church that embraces modern technologies
and conveniences while maintaing the same philosophies and methods from years gone by. Without exception, the Bible is the core of our church. If the Bible says it, we believe it. Our mission is to take God’s Word literal and apply it for our lives today. We are not caught up in man’s philosophies or church traditions; we cleave to God’s Word, and His standards. We believe the King James Bible to be the BEST translation written for English speaking people.
Northside Bible Baptist Church is not affiliated with any outside denomination or board. We are solely supported and governed from within our membership with Christ as our head. We do not believe in earthly ties that would exercise authority or cooperation placed upon us as a local church. We answer to God, and He alone is our sole authority.
We are not contemporary, modern, liberal, or secular in nature. We adhere to the fundamentals of that faith as outlined by Scripture. Northside Bible Baptist Church is not Baptist because of a name or a sign; rather, we are Baptist by conviction. We believe in the Baptist Distinctives.

We are a church. Northside Bible Baptist Church is not a social center, and entertainment venue, or a place of earthly gathering. We are empowered, equipped, engineered, and endeared in Christ. We are a local, visible, New-Testament Church. Our desire is to fulfill the purpose of the local church in our city, as we minister with God’s Word as our guide.
Our mission is to preach the Gospel of Christ to a lost and sin cursed world. Christ is the only Hope mankind has for         eternal life. We preach the Book- The King James Bible, The Blood-as the only thing that will make a sinner white as snow and save him from all his sin, and The Blessed Hope-That Christ will come again as He said and take the Church, His Bride, back to heaven one day soon









What we believe:

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